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San Gavino Monreale, right in the middle of Campidano plain, allows easy access to different tourist attractions in Sardinia.


For those who love the sea and beaches:

on the west coast you can find the Marina di Arbus or Costa Verde, a 47 km coastline from Capo Frasca to Capo Pecora. The most popular beaches are Scivu, Piscinas (famous for its dunes, the highest in Europe), Funtanazza, Torre dei Corsari, Pistis etc.;

Further north you can find the most beautiful places to visit in Oristano area such as Oristano itself, Arborea, S. Vero Milis marina and Cabras (Putzu Idu). Nearby in San Giovanni di Sinis you can easily come across our famous pink flamingos. Remarkable tourist attraction is also the archaeological site of Tharros of Phoenician-Punic origin.

in the south-west you can discover beaches like Portixeddu, Buggerru, Porto Flavia, Gonnesa and S. Antioco and S. Pietro islands;
futher south you will be able to visit one of the most popular holiday destinations: Santa Margherita di Pula and Nora (ancient Phoenician-Punic-Roman archeological site), Is Molas (with its golf courses), and and many more.


For those who prefer cultural and scenic routes:

In Montevecchio village (24 km away from San Gavino) you can visit the mine shafts belonging to Historical and Environmental Geological Mining Park of Sardinia, a UNESCO World Heritage Site from 1997;
35 km away you can visit Su Nuraxi, famous nuragic site situated in Barumini;
In Villanovaforru, only 15 km away, you can find Genna Maria Museum, part of Sa Corona Arrubia consortium;
In the neighboring town of Sanluri you can visit a beautifully preserved castle, built between the thirteenth and fourteenth century. Today it houses antique furniture, a Renaissance museum and a collection of wax modeling made between the sixteenth and the nineteenth century. It is now possible to visit various rooms and the castle tower;
In the Giara di Gesturi, an elevated area of land with a flat top about 37 km from San Gavino, you can admire the Cavallini della Giara, a characteristic cross breed between normal horse and pony, native to the island of Sardinia;
40 km away, in the town of Mandas you can take the Green Train which will take you along the narrow gauge line ending in Arbatax. Along the way you will be able to see great rural and unspoiled views of Sardinia.